Advisory Board CSPS SAS

The International Advisory Board of the CSPS SAS

The International Advisory Board of the CSPS SAS ((hereinafter referred to as “IAB CSPS SAS“) was established in March 2020 with the aim to support the CSPS SAS to proceed with a confidence on the road towards further enhancement of its performance.

The IAB CSPS SAS has three members that have been nominated by the management of the three Institutes of the CSPS SAS and are experts in the field of Economy, Psychology and History (the main subjects of the research at the CSPS SAS).

The IAB CSPS SAS members:

Doris Hanzl-Weiss, The Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

Slávka Otčenášová, European Research Council Executive Agency

Peter Gröpel, the University of Vienna

The areas of the IAB CSPS SAS support include:
-    to assess and provide feedback on Annual Reports of CSPS SAS
-    to advise on guidelines for activities of CSPS SAS based on the data from the Annual Report and the Action Plan of CSPS SAS
-    to comment on the long-term intention of the development of the CSPS SAS, the concept and orientation of the factual focus of the CSPS SAS research
-    to comment on the process of evaluation of the CSPS SAS and other documents
-    to hold virtual ad hoc meetings with CSPS SAS management and provide feedback, guidance and advise
-    ...AOB

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